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Live Events - Booking - Production - Audio - Lighting

Rockitz provides live entertainment resources to special events, festivals, nightclubs, and other venues. We have more than 300 artists in our network as well as PA systems, lighting, stages, and personnel. We can assist you with resources for small gatherings to major events. Rockitz is the regions top resource for entertainment services.
Company History
In 1984, Rockitz opened a nightclub in the popular "Fan District" of Richmond, Virginia. The venue featured local, national and international artists, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bo Diddley, Suzanne Vega, Bopcats, John Mayall, 10,000 Maniacs and hundreds more and became an important part of a great music scene. During this time,several live recordings were made at Rockitz which ended up as national releases. As the club took off, Rockitz and its wholly owned subsidiary Alternative Concert Techniques (ACT) expanded to booking major acts for other venues in the area. Shows at Much More, Carpenter Center, Landmark (Altrea) Theater and various other locations featured REM, Laurie Anderson, OMD and others.

In 1987, the nightclub was sold and two owners went to work for Cellar Door Concerts. They worked with production and promotion for concerts such as U2, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones. One founder was talent coordinator for President Clinton's Inaugural Ball. Another managed services in Clear Channel/Live Nation operated facilities.
During the past 30 years, Rockitz has grown to include event and festival production, artist management, booking, and music-related IT development.

Our Community
Rockitz is involved in the community and helps talent rise to the top. Many new artists have gotten their first big boost in the industry through Rockitz, learning about public performance, audio recording and production, TV performance and interviews, management, booking, promotion and more. The predecessor of this concept is the Floating Folk which was folded into Rockitz in 2002. The FFF was originally focused on the Folk & Americana genres but is now open to all type of musicians.

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